So I mentioned in my last post that Jackson is now a big brother. His little brother, Luka, is now two months old and blessed us with his presence on the 20th of September¬†exactly¬†18 months after Jackson’s arrival (20th March the previous year).

This time around I was only 2 days overdue when I woke at 4am with what I initially thought were cramps but quickly realised were contractions when the next one hit. Right from the start they were close together (four minutes apart) and they got longer, stronger and closer together¬†very quickly. After just one hour at home we decided it was time to leave as we had to drop Jackson off at my parent’s house a half hour drive away. We shoved on some clothes, grabbed the bags and we were gone.

The ride to my parents was hell. It felt like there was no break between contractions with the peak of each one passing but the pain remaining until it peaked again. It wasn’t just abdominal pain either and instead radiated through my lower back where it hurt the most. By the time we arrived at my parent’s house I could barely walk as I had to stop every few steps to get through another contraction. We sat down for five minutes before deciding to head to the birth centre.

Charles called the midwife on the way and she called ahead to make sure one of the suites was free. The walk from the car to the delivery suite took a while and once we got there I headed straight for the couch which was the closest thing to the door. The on call midwife went about preparing the room while I attempted to suck back some gas. Turns out in all the pain I was in it completely slipped my mind on how to use it (I kept using it to breath in the taking it out of my mouth to breathe out) and so it was completely useless. Ooops. The urge to push came on and the on call midwife told me to hop up and start moving to the bed. I stood up, shook my head and started to slip my underwear off while telling her ‘nope, he’s coming’ and seconds later he crowned, my waters broke and he slipped out with just a couple of pushes.

The on call midwife caught him and then Charles grabbed him and held him while I waddled off to the bed. He was born at 6.30am after just two and half hours of labour, start to finish. My midwife arrived about ten minutes later and stitched up the small tear I sustained.

I think we’re done with kids haha.


I’m terrible at this…

Gosh, I don’t even know how long it’s been now. Jackson was what, a month old?, when I last posted. Well, guess what, he’s 19 months old now and has a baby brother, Luka. It’s been too long.

What a crazy year and a half it’s been. We moved towns in January of 2018 and lived with my parents for six months while Charles looked for a new job, we found out I was pregnant with number two a week after moving (and me quitting my job to do so), we had our second baby and are now two months into this two under two gig and we finally have our own place again.

There’s been so many ups and downs in that time. The whole reason we moved was to get Charles out of a job that was making him miserable and he’s now in one that he absolutely loves. Finding out about baby number two was both a blessing and stressful as we were sharing a room in my parent’s house with our first. Two under two has been amazing but also bloody hard…

Gosh we have a lot of catching up to do. But those are stories for later, right now I have a baby that is crying and needs my attention.


Back to Work

Aaaaand now it's July. I'm great at this haha.

Well I started back at work a couple of weeks ago and am settling in to the new routine. It's a bit of an adjustment to say the least. I've been away from work for six months in total and haven't been on my feet for eight hours straight in that time so you can imagine how I feel physically by the end of my shift haha.

Apart from the physical aspect the main thing that's taken some getting used to is all the little things that have changed while I've been away. Big things (like the fact that we now serve smoothies) were explained to me but there's all these little things that people don't think to tell you about (because they're little).

Overall though it's been a really natural transition and in most ways feels like I never left. It's also great to have adults to talk to some days hahaha.


A week of firsts

Some good, some not so good. 

A couple of days ago Jackson went to stay with my mother in law for what was supposed to be a couple of hours. It ended up being about four as the restaurant we went to for my mothers birthday had shockingly long wait times (it was pretty bad guys, about half the restuarant goers left and the other half weren’t too happy either). She enjoyed babysitting immensely and I’ll admit it was nice to have a small break.

Then last night I went to hospital to get a lump that had become quite painful on my abdomen checked out. I thought it was just a bite of some sort but it turns out it’s a boil and it had become infected. They drained it, dressed it and fed me some antibiotics through a drip. My bloods came back fine so I was allowed to go home in between doses. They’ve kept the lure in and I have to go back tonight for another dose. Unfortunately though the lure makes using my arm too much a bit painful and the position of the boil affects my ability to sit or move around too much without pain so my mother came and collected Jackson last night and is looking after him for a couple of days while I rest. I’ve just done my first night without him and I miss him so much. Here’s hoping everything goes well and it doesn’t get worse so he can come home sooner rather than me having to go to hospital if it gets worse.

On the bright side, Jackson has started to smile this week and my heart could just melt every time he does. He certainly doesn’t seem to mind staying with nana!