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And so it began…

In 2013, my marriage began and so did the never-ending chain of surprised reactions whenever people found out that I’ve been married since the age of 18, often followed by the question of children as if that were the only logical explanation for getting married so young. No, we just love each other. Yes, it is crazy isn’t it.

Fast forward three years. Charles (the husband) had just been promoted at work and we were seeking help in trying for a baby after 14 months with no luck. I had just finished my first cycle of blood monitoring (checking my hormone levels for ovulation) and we didn’t have much hope for that month as my levels were too low to suggest ovulation at the time the bloods were taken. Cue me worrying that I was the problem.

Soon came that time of the month. I hadn’t really been paying attention to my cycle as I was sick of the disappointment. I knew I was late, wasn’t sure how late however, and any symptoms I may have once spotted I put down to me being sick at the time.

Late at night on July 6th I had the urge to pee and figured I may as well get this month’s negative out of the way. Only it wasn’t negative. The second line that had eluded me for over a year suddenly jumped out at me. The control line hadn’t even shown up yet and there it was. Our positive.

I was in shock. I called out to Charles who came running, thinking that I had seen a spider or something. Instead, I showed him the test and he said ‘you’re kidding me!?’ to which I promptly nodded and burst into tears. I was shaking. I called my best friend, still crying, and managed to stutter the news out. We then called our parents to give them the good news (as you can probably tell, we’re not that good at secrets haha). The next morning I woke up to killer heartburn and had to send Charles out for some sort of relief.

And so it began.


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