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Time Flies

My pregnancy has flown by. Seriously, where did all the time go? One minute it’s July and we’ve only just found out about the life growing inside me and then boom, I blink and it’s suddenly February. What.

I’m now 36 weeks and time doesn’t seem to be slowing down like everyone says it does. Sure, the day feels like it drags a bit (especially now that I’m off work) but the weeks are still passing by with a decent amount of speed. Our baby will be here in no time and that is both exciting and terrifying.

Seriously though, it’s terrifying.

In roughly 4 weeks, we will be responsible for a tiny human that depends on us entirely. We’re both completely new at this and no matter how prepared we think we are, no matter how ready we feel, I don’t think anyone is ever truly ready to be a parent. No amount of reading can prepare you for what actually lies ahead. There’ll be things we end up doing as parents that we swore we never would back in our days of blissful ignorance. There will be times where we questions ourselves and our abilities. Are we doing the right thing? Are we being good parents? There will be tears, there will be tantrums. We’ll make mistakes. I’m no idiot – I know parenting is hard, but I also realise that I really cannot comprehend exactly how  hard it is until I experience it for myself.

But it’s also seriously exciting.

We tried for this baby for 14 months. As I write this, he is kicking around in there. There’s a baby inside me. Holy shit. For the past eight months he has been growing in there, developing all that he will need for when he enters this world and oh my god, am I excited to meet him. What will he look like? What will he smell like? What will he sound like? He knows my voice, he knows Charles’ voice, he knows my heartbeat. He knows me pretty well by now, soon it will be our turn to get to know him. Soon, we will hold him. Soon, the baby’s room will not be empty. Soon, our family of two will be three.

Really fucking soon.



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