37 Weeks

With just three weeks (roughly) left of this pregnancy the excitement is really settling in… and so is the heartburn. No matter what I eat or drink, it’s there. Not a lot seems to help it anymore either, at least not for more than a couple of hours at most. It’s currently 5.47am and I’ve been up since 4.30 because of, you guessed it, heartburn. I’ve taken some Mylanta which tasted like medicine (yuck) so hopefully I can get a bit more sleep soon haha.

At my last midwife appointment baby was in a great position (fingers crossed he stays that way), had a good strong heartbeat and was measuring along nicely. Good job bubba!

In recent days I’ve really popped out and I’m certain that watching me try and get up from a sitting or laying down position is one of the most hilarious things ever. The other day I thought I’d give shaving my legs a whirl and promptly nicked myself (and did a real good job of it).  Not too keen on trying that again in a hurry haha. Other than that however there’s not really much to tell. 

We live in a small town with a small hospital and the main hospital in our region is an hour and halfs drive away. If all goes well however, we will be birthing at the birthing centre in the town we used to live in (which is where our parents still live) and in a few days time I will be heading off to stay with my mum for the remainder of the pregnancy so that I’m nice and close to both the birthing centre and hospital. Charles still has to work so he’ll join us once I’m in established labour. My bags are all packed for both the birthing centre and staying with mum so it’s basically just a waiting game from here on out. 

Lastly, guess what’s back… that’s right, the freaking heartburn. The Mylanta lasted half an hour. I guess I’m not getting anymore sleep anytime soon. At least it’s good practice, I guess?


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