38 Weeks

Heartburn (as usual) and restless leg syndrome have been teaming up this week to ensure my sleep is utter crap. Baby is resting low which isn’t exactly comfortable and I’ve been such a lady, burping all the time due to gas. Labour feels so close but so far and the time is approaching where I’m keen to just get this baby out of me haha.

I’m now staying with my mother and will be for the rest of the pregnancy and boy oh boy has it been nice not having to do the majority of the cooking and cleaning like I do back home. I was nice though and prepped some meals for my husband to chuck in the slow cooker while he’s at work which he’s been enjoying and I took our dog with me so that he doesn’t have to worry about him during the day and shut him up in the kennel while he works.

It’s been great to have family around during the day. I was getting pretty lonely being at home by myself the majority of the day, so the company has been good and it’ll be even better when my best friend comes to visit throughout the week. I miss my husband terribly though and really hope he’s able to get a couple of days off and come visit.

With labour so close I’m getting a little nervous, but not hugely so. When you don’t know what to expect it’s scary but it’s also kind of hard to psych yourself up too much about it if you know what I mean? To be honest I’m more nervous about what comes after. It’s a big change, going from two to three and having a little person who is so dependant on you to look after. I can’t wait to meet him but I don’t want to screw it up.

With all the excitement/nerves surrounding baby I keep forgetting my birthday is coming up the day before his due date haha. Anything could happen between now and then. I could still be pregnant for my birthday, I could be in labour, I could be a mother. Who knows.

Overall though everything has been going so smoothly and as impatient as I am to meet him I’m enjoying these last weeks of relaxing as I know that once he’s here, everything will change. Might as well make the most of the time we have left.


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