Hormones, back pain and broken sleep – oh my!

100% done with being pregnant right now. Please, bring on the contractions. I want nothing more than to spend the next however long in pain and pushing out a baby. 

This morning I got up after spending most of the early hours of the morning drifting in and out of sleep due to backpain. It’s been happening on and off the last few days, always centred on the same spot on my lower left back. At this point in the pregnancy any pain that isn’t labour feels like a slap in the face haha. 

I got out of bed, I was sore and tired and just completely over it so I started crying. I cried while I hung out the washing and tidied up my mum’s kitchen and then sat on the couch and had a nap. It’s been a great day, folks. 

At this stage I’m still holding out hope that the big day/s will arrive sometime this week but I’m not really counting on it. Still, we are keeping everything crossed and luckily I’ve only had a couple of people asking if there’s any news/signs so that’s been nice. It’s hard enough impatiently awaiting the arrival of your little one without the constant reminders that nothing is happening.

Well if anyone needs me, I’ll be here… waiting. Eagerly. Impatiently. Waiting.


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