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And a baby was born…

I was 41 weeks and 1 day with an appointment scheduled at the hospital the next day to assss me and set a date for induction when I awoke at 5.30am to my first contraction. I wasn’t surprised as I had been feeling quite a bit of pressure the night before and figured something would happen soon. The first few hours were painful and at 10.30am after five hours we headed to the birth centre to meet with the midwife. Contractions were three minutes apart but bearable as I’d had time to adjust to the pain, I was 3cm dilated and advised to wait until dinner time and give the contractions time to become stronger and longer before coming back in.

The afternoon wasn’t too bad. I was mostly able to breathe through the pain. Late afternoon they became stronger and longer and we headed back to the birth centre to see the midwife again at about 7pm. My waters had been leaking since about midday but my contractions were seven minutes apart and I was still 3cm. We went back home at 8pm to have dinner and try and get some sleep in between contractions. If nothing changed overnight then we were to go to the hospital in the morning. 

Two hours later at 10pm the contractions really stepped up. They were strong and they were long. I couldn’t breathe through it, I was screaming and crying from the pain and so we called the midwife (who could very clearly hear me haha) and were instructed to go to the hospital. As soon as I stood up I started feeling the need to push and the car ride over felt like half an hour of hell. As soon as we got there they hooked me up to monitor baby and my contractions and I finally got some relief with the gas, though not a whole lot. I was still only getting about two contractions in ten minutes but I was transferred to a delivery suite and after about an hour, Jackson was born at 12.55am weighing in at 8lb 12oz.

Mum cried. My husband cried. I was just so thankful it was over and I had my boy in my arms. Then it was back on the gas as I’d sustained a second degree tear and needed suturing. After what felt like forever I was stitched up and after skin to skin and the first feed I was able to go and shower, although I accidentally spent too long in there because it felt so good and ended up fainting. Thankfully I didn’t rip open my stitches and after some food and drink I felt much better. Once the midwife finished her notes we were given the all clear to head back to the birth centre with our little man. 


Hormones, back pain and broken sleep – oh my!

100% done with being pregnant right now. Please, bring on the contractions. I want nothing more than to spend the next however long in pain and pushing out a baby. 

This morning I got up after spending most of the early hours of the morning drifting in and out of sleep due to backpain. It’s been happening on and off the last few days, always centred on the same spot on my lower left back. At this point in the pregnancy any pain that isn’t labour feels like a slap in the face haha. 

I got out of bed, I was sore and tired and just completely over it so I started crying. I cried while I hung out the washing and tidied up my mum’s kitchen and then sat on the couch and had a nap. It’s been a great day, folks. 

At this stage I’m still holding out hope that the big day/s will arrive sometime this week but I’m not really counting on it. Still, we are keeping everything crossed and luckily I’ve only had a couple of people asking if there’s any news/signs so that’s been nice. It’s hard enough impatiently awaiting the arrival of your little one without the constant reminders that nothing is happening.

Well if anyone needs me, I’ll be here… waiting. Eagerly. Impatiently. Waiting.


40 Weeks

And well and truly over it. My lower back hurts, everything down there aches from the pressure, it’s difficult to change position or get up and down and I’m feeling extra hormonal. It was my birthday yesterday and I started crying because I didn’t want to be pregnant anymore haha.

Don’t get me wrong, we tried for this baby for 14 months and have felt so blessed/grateful for the experience. Overall it’s been a great pregnancy but when you’re tired, sore and hormonal you just want the baby to make their way to the exit. It’s been especially hard being away from my husband for the past two weeks and as well as meeting our little boy we also can’t wait to be back with each other again.

Come onnnnn baby! We are so ready for you.


39 Weeks

I just had the best sleep I’ve had in ages and dang it feels good. I fell asleep quickly, there were no restless limbs or heartburn to keep me awake, when I did wake up to change position I drifted back to sleep straight away… I feel like a new woman. 

Not much has changed on the symptom front, all is well with baby. It’s pretty much just a waiting game at this point. Everyone is ready to meet him. It’s kind of crazy to think I could be a mother in just days, or in a few weeks. I know which one I prefer.

The hardest thing at the moment is being away from my husband for so long. I won’t be back with him until baby is born and until then all we get are short, day-long visits once a week on his day off from work. He’s definitely looking forward to me giving birth. Not only because he will get to meet/hold his son but also because it will mean two weeks off work for him and he hasn’t had more than a couple of days off at a time in over a year.

Personally, even though I feel impatient to meet baby, I don’t think my pregnancy has dragged at all. Here I am, one week off my due date, and this pregnancy has been a blur. I’m 39 weeks, what? It feels like I only just finished up at work and yet that was 5 weeks ago. The end is so close. How close? We shall see.


Maternity bra dramas

So I’m a bigger girl. Size 18/20 and a DD/E cup. This has made shopping for maternity clothes here in NZ, pretty much, a waste of time. Most shops I went to either had no maternity range or a small row/rack with limited and quite frankly ugly choices. Maternity bra shopping has gone no better.

Today my mother and me set out in search of maternity bras. I hadn’t had much luck previously but I live in a small town so it wasn’t surprising. Bra shopping itself has always been a struggle because back when I was younger it was quite hard to find nice looking bras in bigger sizes. Nowadays it isn’t as bad when it comes to normal bras but apparently it’s bloody impossible when it comes to maternity! 

First we went to Farmers. Out of their entire lingerie range there were two racks hidden way at the back of the section and the largest size we could find was a 16DD. Next, Bendon. There was one row and 10Fs and 12Es galore, but the only size 18 came in a C cup and there were no size 20s. Third, Postie. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. We couldn’t find any maternity bras at all. Finally, The Warehouse. There were about four different options for maternity bras and we did manage to find an 18DD for $15 so I bought it. It may not fit properly but at that point I was desperate for something at least close to my size. 

Now some of these stores may actually stock bigger sizes in their big city locations. If that’s the case by god do I wish there was more consistency across all locations! If not it would seem that most chain stores are under the impression that bigger people don’t get pregnant? Either way maternity shopping was not a pleasant or fruitful experience instead it was incredibly frustrating. My mother even looked at online specialty stores and they didn’t have much. We ended up finding a 20E from a specialty store on TradeMe (for those who don’t know that’s an auction website) and bought that so at least I have something in my actual size… 

What a bloody mission.